Tuesday, January 31, 2017

winter blues outfit. snowboots with blue quilted vest and chunky cardi

Navy blue, layers, and a dash of the great outdoors!! Keeping things real consistent! haha!! I wore this one Saturday to hang with my family and friends. I knew I wanted to wear my light wash skinnies, but I could not find them. I flipped through my jeans over and over again. I looked in my husband's section of the closet and all through the laundry...still no luck! I think it was around the third time I had went through my jeans when I located them. You see, I had this brilliant idea a few months back to save space in my closet by doubling up my jeans by putting two pair on one hanger. Total organization fail. All details and links below.
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outfit details
beanie -ilymix - here - use code Living20 for 20% off
chunky cardi - old - similar here and here
vest - Old Navy - might still find in stores - similar here and here
blue flannel - H&M - similar here
high waisted skinnies - Old Navy - similar here and here
winter boots - Target - here - shown in the color olive

Monday, January 23, 2017

snow day outfit - skinny jeans with blue utility jacket and snow boots

Snow days are some of my favorites! ! Wether its playing outside or being snuggled up inside watching the pretty flakes fall to ground...it just makes my heart happy!!  Being cozy is a must if venturing outside, but sometimes a girl still wants to look cute and save the Carhartts for another day. Start with stylish insulated boots! I've had a pair of expensive winter boots on my wish list for awhile, and I was about to order them when I stumbled on this PAIR . My husband actually thought I had ordered the expensive ones when I showed him! I layered a faux fur vest under my utility coat for extra warmth and topped the look off with a cute beanie and super soft blanket scarf.
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outfit details
beanie - ilymix.com - here - use the code Living20 for 20% off
scarf - ilymix.com - here - use the code Living20 for 20% off
navy utility jacket - no longer available - similar here and here
blue sweater - Target - here
high waisted skinny jeans - Old Navy - here
snow boots - here - mine are in the color olive

Monday, January 16, 2017

high waisted jeans outfit with cowboy boots and black turtleneck

A black turtleneck is classic, chic, and a wardrobe staple! There is pretty much nothing a black turtleneck can't be paired with. Dress it up or down, and everywhere in-between. I'm giving my turtleneck country/western vibes by pairing it with cowboy boots, a belt with small buckle, and a fringe bag. I LOVE pairing brown and black together. The contrast between cool and warms tones really compliment each other nicely. Whoever made up the no black with brown rule anyways?! 
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Linking similar items to recreate this look.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

camel coat outfit with black fur vest and squash blossom necklace

Mixing camel/brown tones with black has been on repeat for me lately. It feels fancy, fresh and very classic all rolled up in one chic look. Camel coats have made a resurgence in popularity or we've been told it's the latest cutting edge thing, but to me a camel coat is a closet staple that can carry you through many, many seasons....regardless of trends. I just love mixing up more polished pieces with my favorite sneakers and jeans. I'm a jeans and tee kind of girl for the comfort and function that works for my lifestyle. SO, I am always trying to find new ways to wear my tried and true jeans and tee. Layering a fur vest under a coast not only adds warmth but also interest. This outfit may look a tad dressy to some, but is so very comfortable and stylish without having to try too hard, AND the BEST part to me is its made of wardrobe basics. Outfit details below.
Thanks so much for stopping by. Audra

outfit details
beanie - Walmart - similar here
squash blossom necklace - Buckle - no longer available - similar here
fur vest - Target - last year - similar here
grey tee - Target - here
camel coat - Forever21 - similar here
high waisted jeans - Old Navy - here
high top sneakers - Target - here
mittens - Walmart - similar here