Monday, December 21, 2015

Review: Verona Industrial Stove (36" single oven)

stock photo

My thoughts first and then below are photos of our actual stove in place.

We have had our Verona since November of 2011. I cook on it almost daily! Overall, I love this stove. The options for a free standing industrial gas stove in 2011 were pretty limited, unless, you wanted to spend several thousand dollars or more. I came across this particular stove on a website that we purchased our farmhouse sinks from. We ordered this stove purely based on the look. Definitely not the smartest reasoning! So far, (knock on wood) its been a good choice.

The cooktop is gas, while the oven is electric. Otherwise this is know as a "dual fuel range", which is the best way to cook (in my opinion). We have propane instead of natural gas, and the site we purchased it from included a kit to convert the burners to use with propane. Propane needs smaller ports than natural gas.

This stove has five burners.  The middle burner is big, burns hot, and works great for boiling a big pot of water for pasta or browning meat in a skillet. On each side of the middle burner, there is a small burner and a medium sized burner. This cooktop takes some adjusting and getting used to because of how hot the flames are. I was previously using a glass cooktop, and when I first started cooking on my Verona I burned a few things. The burners only have a low or high printed on them, but they are dial adjustment with no pre-set click spots (hope that makes sense).

The oven is pretty standard, though it has several cook options where 99% of the time I use the basic "bake" option. Again, it took some adjusting to get used to, but just like driving a different car you adapt and learn how it works. It does have a timer. This is a very basic stove in the sense there are no big digital dials or readings. There is a small display that shows the time and if you want to set a timer, BUT it does not give a temperature reading of the oven. Also, there is not a "375" on the oven temperature adjustment knob. It goes from 350 to 390. For me, this has not been an issue. I just adjust it to be in-between 350 and 390. Verona is a Italian company.

The back vent comes up around four inches. I really like the way this makes the stove look, and it also adds as an extra barrier to protect the wall. A smaller vent option is available if you are wanting to put your stove in a island, or maybe just don't like the look of the taller back.

I love how the stove has a good amount of clearance from the floor to the bottom of the stove for easy cleaning. Under the oven is a small door and storage area. This is where I keep the broiler pan that came with the stove and my cast iron griddle.

The grates are cast iron and are easy to clean.

If I have missed wiping a spill on the grates and it becomes dried. I simply stack the grates in my sink and run hot soapy water over them. I try not to do this very often, because just like a cast iron pan the water is not good on them. Therefore, I occasionally rub small amount of vegetable oil onto the cast iron portions of the stove.

The burner caps are also cast iron.

Small back burner.

Cover that sits over the gas port and distributes the flame.

Cast iron cap that sits on top of the cover.

The big, middle burner has three gas ports.

Cover for the middle burner which has a sim option that is just the middle portion of burner or you can chose to have the flame in the middle and on the outer ring.

Cast iron cap for middle burner.

Center and outer flame on middle burner.

Oven knobs.

I primarialy use enamel coated cast iron pans in varying sizes and shapes or my cast iron griddle pan when cooking on the stove top.

Please ask me any questions you may have. Thanks for being here. Audra

Verona  - company website

Amazon listing of stove.

ajmadison listing of stove.

The website we purchased our stove from no longer sells this particular stove.


  1. Love this post - I have been wanting a new stove for awhile and this is a great option to keep in mind. :)

    1. Thank you:)! It would be nice to be able to test drive stoves like you do before purchasing vehicles!

  2. Very nice review, shots and kitchen, and thanks for sharing.

    I work for a company ( that carries, among others, the brands of Verona and Ilve (both Italian).

    As I understand it Verona is the result of an effort to provide both a quality pro product at killer price points and provide reliable service/warranty.

    Our rep Scott was just in today reviewing features but there's a ton of great content on youtube especially by user "Marc K":

    Let me know what time dinner is!

    1. Thank you, Justin! I am really impressed with it! I think its a bummer when a newly remodeled kitchen is outfitted with box store appliances. The most important part of the kitchen looks like an after thought! Last nights dinner was grilled chicken, not too exciting...but I did cook it on my Verona using my cast iron griddle! Audra