Tuesday, February 16, 2016

cowboy boots outfit: fringe cardigan. ripped skinny jeans. cowboy boots. madewell zip tranport tote

I have seen a couple articles on how cowboy boots are going to be big in 2016. Makes me giggle a little, and I think its similar to saying high heels are going to be all the rage so go buy a pair. Yes, subtle styling changes happen with the passing of seasons on pumps and cowboy boots for that matter, but the basic concept is always in style...in my humble opinion.  It is very popular to have heavily embellished boots at the moment. I prefer classic and simple over that any day. 

outfit details: 
linking similar items to my outfit as most pieces are no loner available.

thanks for stopping by. Audra

Lucy my Texas Heeler really wanted attention. She is such a good and loyal dog, LOVE her.

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