Tuesday, February 9, 2016

diy frayed hem jeans: possibly the easiest diy ever!

Raw or frayed hem jeans are very trendy right now and (lucky for us) super easy to recreate using a pair jeans you already own. Below is how to make a pair of old jeans on trend in a few extremely easy steps.

supply list:
  1. jeans - I dug these Old Navy straight legs out of my donate pile.
  2. tweezers/seem riper - I used tweezers because I was too lazy to dig my seam ripper out of the sewing bin.
  3. scissors - If using a seam ripper you might be able to get away with not having scissors.
  4. lint roller
  5. iron
  6. spray starch  

What the jeans looked like with the original hem. 


I used the tweezers to pull up out the thread in the first few stitches, starting next to the side seam.


I then used my fingers to pull open the seam and scissors to cut the threads when they seam would not pull apart any further. Make sense? The more distressed and ragged the better for this look! Unlike when carefully removing stitches from a sewing mistake which is why I opted to pull and tug the seam open as much as possible.


A lint roller is a quick and easy way to remove the extra threads.


I used spray starch to help the seam lay flat and the steam setting on the iron. I found ironing from the inside out was the easiest to press down the seam.


After trying the jeans on I decided I wanted them to be a bit shorter. I cut about an inch off following the white line of where the fold in the seam was. I used my fingernail and finger and rubbed the edge to distress it. Washing will also further distress the seam.  

You could forgo all the above steps, and just cut the hem off completely. Which would be even easier!, but I really wanted the color variation and distress from taking out the hem.

Thanks for stopping by. Audra

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