Tuesday, March 29, 2016

bermuda shorts. white tunic top. military/utility vest. wedges. brown crossbody bag.

Class your shorts look up with chambray bermuda shorts, a white button up, and some wedges. Short, shorts are flattering on so few of us girls, and I think there is a time and place for (barley covers the cheeks) cut offs...which usually involves large bodies of water and an umbrella sticking out of a glass.  Target is one of my favorite places to pick up classier type shorts, and I love how they clearly mark how long the inseam is. I prefer at least four inches of fabric covering my assets. Target has been making this version of short for the last few years. I have them in several colors and in different lengths.  Linking similar items to the pieces in my outfit.

My favorite shorts from 3" inseam to 9", which is what I have on. 

vest options in varying price points.
Thanks for stopping by. Audra

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