Saturday, July 30, 2016

random try on haul from jcpenny, maurices, buckle, & walmart

items listed in order mentioned below:

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    Thursday, July 28, 2016

    cropped boyfriend jeans with white tee and silk scarf

    Run to your nearest JCPenny and grab THESE(click here) jeans!! I was in my local store asking about another piece from the Stylus range and the associate told me they are clearance-ing out everything by that brand. She pointed me toward the rack and I spotted these baby blues for 7 BUCKS!! Not only are they an unbelievable price but the fit, style, and quality are fantastic!! The style is a boyfriend crop...AKA comfy jeans you never want to take off! The jeans are priced at around $25 online, and also come in white. Use a coupon and get them for 20 ish bucks!! Can't beat that! ...or pop in your local store and try to snag them for $7 like I did!! I've paired the jeans here with a plain white tee and a silk scarf, but these jeans are going to look fabulous with just about anything!

    outfit details
    sunglasses - Old Navy - same style different colors(click here)
    silk-ish fringe scarf - Amazon Prime on sale now for $4.99(click here)
    white tee - old - Old Navy - similar(click here)
    JEANS - JCPenny - click here!
    smoking slippers - old - Target - super cute ones(click here) limited sizes
    bag - Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac - my exact color combo is old and couldn't find available online

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    ps. the white jeans are not sold out and are the same style as mine. not sure why its showing up like that!

    Wednesday, July 27, 2016

    target dv nya booties

    YAY! yay! YAY! Target brought back the DV Nya Bootie for fall, and in three fabulous colors!!! This tan color, a gorgeous chocolatey grey, and a light taupe! These sold out super quick in the spring so grab 'em fast!! They are on sale now online for under $30! Every time I wear these out I get compliments on them...for real. The quality is great and they are super comfortable!! BUY them CLICK HERE!! You will not regret it, and can wear them almost year round!

    but seriously...CLICK HERE or run to TARGET now and pick them up!!

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    Monday, July 25, 2016

    culottes outfit. chambray culottes. mule booties. burgundy top.

    Chambray culottes are a comfy substitute for shorts in the summer, and will be great layered with a scarf and jacket in the fall...but the fit can be tricky!! Culottes look best and are most flattering when they hit you at mid calf or the skinny part of the leg. If the inseam stops just below the knee it can make you look shorter and who wants that?! Pairing culottes or cropped pants with nude shoes also helps to make your legs look longer! I love wearing mine(click here) like shown here or just with a tee and white sneakers.

    outfit details
    top - old - Old Navy - LOVE this one(click here)
    culottes - Old Navy(click here)
    bag - Rebecca Minkoff Clark Hobo(click here/same bag in suede)
    shoes - Target - sold out online might still be in store- identical pair(click here)
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    Wednesday, July 20, 2016

    chambray dress outfit

    I popped into Maurices last week for the first time and I can't remember when! I was looking for something new to wear because we were going out with several couple, I had been fighting a nasty cold and been confined to the house for days!! My MIL offered to watch the kiddos so off I went! Anyway, when I walked into the store I was told the clearance racks were an additional 75% off. WaaWaaWhat?!! So I casually made my way over not too seem to eager!! There was lots of good stuff!! I picked up this dress for $12.50!!! OK, so I don't really need a third (don't tell my husband I don't think he's noticed!) chambray/denim dress, but I just LOVED this one so much. The fit and design is a little retro yet modern with the embroidery detail  and sleeve style. A house dress vibe I dig! Full disclosure: I purchased this dress in a size 0 from the plus size section which is giving me the 60s boho style mentioned above. The dress did come with a tie belt, but I think without the belt gives a more chic look. The material is very soft and is great for a melting hot day! All sizes are available in the plus range(click here) and only the x-small(click here) is available in the regular sizing. If you get a chance I highly recommend stopping in store and seeing all the 75% off goodness. There are both summer and fall/winter items marked down....well, at least there are in my store! Happy Shopping!

    outfit details
    sunglasses - Old Navy - same style different color(click here)
    dress - Maurices - CLICK HERE or run to your nearest store!!
    bag - Rebecca Minkoff Clark Hobo - suede version(click here)
    shoes - Target - sold out -very similar style(click here)

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    Saturday, July 16, 2016

    denim cutoffs and a white button up with booties

    A white cotton button up is a wardrobe staple that goes with absolutely everything! Wear it year round...yes, even in the summer! Just role up the sleeves and you have the perfect summer shirt for any occasion! Paired here half tucked into raw hem denim shorts and black booties, but any shoes would work! I like the edgy vibe the black booties give to an otherwise simple outfit!

    outfit details
    sunglasses - Oscar de la Renta via TJMaxx
    white button up - Calvin Klein via TJMaxx
    distressed shorts - Target - sold out online - might still be available in store
    black booties - Sears - old

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    Friday, July 15, 2016

    denim shorts and flannel shirt. black and white summer outfit.

    I have been rocking some version of this look all summer! Tying a flannel around your waist when wearing (short) shorts is the perfect way to ensure your assets are covered. My flannel is gingham in a black and white color scheme which are both big trends for the summer, but any color of flannel will work! My hat is a recent purchase(click here) the quality is fantastic and I'm in love! I have been wearing my other panama hat so much I thought I needed two even if my hubby couldn't agree that the two hats are completely different with the bow on the side of this one and all(wink,wink)!! 

    outfit details
    hat - JCPenny - LOVE(click here)
    black tee - Target - all time fav(click here)
    flannel - Old Navy - old (similar here)
    shorts - Target - sold out online but might still be in store(click here for the style)
    white sneakers - Old Navy - sold out online but might still be in store (digging these)

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    Thursday, July 14, 2016

    denim shorts and blazer outfit with chunky heel sandals

    Glam up your favorite cut offs with a blazer! The blazer and raw hem shorts look was what lead me to buy this style of short to begin with!! It's such a fantastic outfit, and a great way to jazz up your cutoff shorts! I've paired mine with some chunky heel nude sandals which make it the look more summery and right now. I love nude sandals and have more pairs than I would like to admit but, they go with pretty much everything and make your legs look longer. WIN. WIN.

    outfit details
    shades - Ray Ban - my hubby's ....shhh, don't tell him:)
    blazer - Banana Republic Factory - old
    lace cami - Banana Republic Factory - old
    shorts - Target - sold out online but still might be in store (click here for the style)
    shoes - Target - sold out online but still might be in store (click here for the style)
    necklace - old - I made it

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    Tuesday, July 12, 2016

    denim cutoffs with heels, off the shoulder top, and panama hat

    I have seen so many looks with denim cutoffs and high heels and have always loved them, but couldn't quite find the right combination of outfit that felt wearable to me. Well, this is it!! By pairing my denim shorts with a slightly more conservative top (not skin tight) and my fav panama hat it makes the outfit a little more casual...and wearable! My top was a little long for my liking so I simply knotted it on the side. Perfect for a date night on the patio and some margaritas! Cheers!

    outfit details
    panama hat - Walmart - might still be able to find in stores now - have this one LOVE(click here)
    striped shirt - Old Navy - old
    shorts - Target - sold out online - still might be able to snag in store
    heels - Colin Stuart - old

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    Thursday, July 7, 2016

    mickey mouse birthday party

    Sharing all the details of my baby girl's (Elliot) 2nd Mickey Mouse themed birthday party! WOW!, Picking a theme that is more common than what we typically go with did make this party SO much easier to put together! Normally I pretty much start from scratch with the decorations, but Elliot loves Mickey so thats what we went with! As I had mentioned in my Little Blue Truck themed birthday(click here) post it has become our tradition to take pictures with the birthday boy or girl. We cherish these photos!

    photo backdrop

    It ended up being a particularly windy day....aka my husband has everything braced and anchored down for gail force winds!! If I had to do over again I would change up the arrangement slightly, but nonetheless it turned out so CUTE!!!

    We used MDF board to create the Mickey/Minnie cut outs. It's super inexpensive and is light weight. Perfect for suspending in the air. Saw horses work great for holding the board up and for ease of cutting out shapes.

    I loved the idea and simplicity of having the abstract head cut outs of Mickey and Minnie be apart of the backdrop, or "Toodles" as my son referred to them. I tried to take pictures of each step, but I tend to "wing it" as I go. I measured the width of the board and guesstimated the circumference I would need to fit two heads on one board. I then used a string tied to a pencil to work as a compass, and again guesstimated the radius of the circle and held my string down in the middle to draw a perfect (pretty close) circle. I then drew two smaller circles around a quarter of the size of the large circle to make the ears. I'm more artsy/visual and my husband is more mathematical/technical (which is probably why we make a good team!)...he said it looks good, but I wanted to SEE it. I painted the white outline to get a good visual on the proportions, and it did make it easier to cut out. Once the shape was cut out I placed it on top of the unused board and traced to make the 2nd head! I free handed a bow for Minnie before cutting. My son and I painted the top portion black on each and the bottom half according to Minnie/Mickey. I used a large craft stencil stamper to make the white polka dots for Minnie. My husbanded freehanded Mickey's yellow buttons. You could easily use poster board or cardboard to make something similar if the MDF seems intimidating. We used conduit pipe to suspend the head cut outs, and attached them with U clips and screws.

    Elliot's clubhouse sign was recycled from my son's birthday from a couple years back. It was built by my husband using scrap wood. I painted it white using house primer paint. Then I took inspiration from some of the store bought decorations I had purchased and painted zig zags, polka dots, and lines in primary colors. I painted each portion of it with one color at a time, then moved to the next color. I only had one of circle stamp foam brush, so I washed that baby a lot! After all of the color work was completed I used stencils to write "Elliot's Clubhouse". If I needed the same letter more than once I place a stencil of an unneeded letter to serve as a placeholder and to insure all the letters had the same spacing. Then I simply filled in the letters with paint. I free handed the month and year. I used a piece of scrap MDF board and free handed the giant 2, painted it white with the same house primer paint, added polka dots, and then my husband attached it to an old ladder. We used a bench from our front porch for people to sit on with the birthday girl for pictures. 

    inside decor

    I purchased flag/pennant banners and tissue pom garlands from Dollar Tree. I hung the tissue pom garland in the entryway over the staircase using thumbtacks. I tacked it the first pom on each garland as close to the ceiling as possible to hide the tack. I used the pennant garland to hang along the staircase railing and along the ceiling. Along the ceiling I used tacks right at the seam at every fourth flag, and used a ballon to hide the tack and add to the decoration. My husband was worried about adding holes to our walls, but by tacking the garland right at the seam of the wall and ceiling the evidence left behind was minimal to none at all. The "Happy Birthday" garland was also purchased from Dollar Tree! Just A BUCK! Can't beat that!

    The Mickey Mouse head banner was purchase on Amazon, and I placed it over where we would be sitting to open presents.  The quality of this banner is nice, but if you had the time could easily be duplicated!

    I apologize because these are the only pictures we captured of the tables and decorations!! Bummer! I used brown freezer paper to cover the tables,  placemats, Mickey Mouse head confetti, and twisted streamers. The Mickey Mouse confetti was so fun and easy to make!! I purchased the punch(CLICK HERE) from Amazon, and used different color construction paper...I though my son would enjoy this project, but after the first couple of punches he was over it!! My husband was away with work the week prior to the party, so a couple nights I poured myself a glass of wine and sat in bed making these!! I found it therapeutic! I alternated the placemats and used a glue stick just on the corners to hold them in place. The streamers I twisted and attache with a piece of duck tape under each end of the table. I also placed Mickey and Minnie crayons on the table for drawing on the brown paper table cloths.

    oreo mouse head cupcakes

    These are super simple to make and the kiddos love them! I used 2 red velvet box mix and followed the directions to make the 24ish cupcakes. I like full cupcakes and fill the tins almost to the top...and at least 2 or 3 were sampled prior! I think the secret to box mix cake (or any baked goods) is not to over cook them!! shame here! I do make homemade icing. I used THIS (click here) recipe for the first time and it is the BOMB! Several people commented on how much they liked the icing! To make the heads you need regular size Oreos and snack size Oreos. I believe it took 5 of the snack packs to make the 24 heads. Some of the snack size Oreos will be broken. OK, SO I USED TOOTHPICKS. This was definitely the easy way out of trying to attach with icing or some other method. I cut the toothpick and half, and used each piece to attach a snack size on each side to a regular size Oreo. When we were passing out the cake and ice cream we told everyone to be sure and remove the toothpicks. I think this worked out fine and made the cupcakes sturdy especially when making ahead of time. I probably would try another method if making for a school function. I iced the cupcakes and put a dab of extra icing on the back of the Oreo to help hold it up when putting the cupcake.


    I used white box mix cake and made 2 - 9 inch rounds and one 6 inch round for the very top circle. Make sure and trim the tops of the cake to make a nice flat surface for stacking. All of the candles are from the Dollar Tree and the figures my son had in his toy box. I used the sprinkles to cover my less than perfect icing skills and to add color! Simple but CUTE, and very inexpensive!! 


    Sorry for the blurry picture, but this is the best pic I have of the favors! I used brown paper bags and glued the Mickey head punches on the front....Well, my husband did. I would have just randomly pasted them on, but he followed the exact same pattern on each bag. To each their own!  I purchased these(CLICK HERE) mouse ear headbands, and my mom made bows for the girls and hot glued them to the top. The kiddos LOVED the mouse ears and wore them the entire party. I have to admit I was a little surprised by it, but then again I enjoyed wearing my ears as well!!

    I also used a mixture of these items in each bag which are all from the Dollar Tree. 

    final thoughts

    We used the backdrop to have a 2 year photo shoot the next day, which my daughter thought was completely hilarious and ran around it pretty much the entire time I was trying to take pictures. I did manage get a couple that capture her personality to a T!

    I feel like most people don't give themselves enough credit when trying to create or be crafty. Half or maybe more of the battle is just trying!! I often hear "I could never do that"...really, but have you tried? You might just surprise yourself what you're capable of! 

    As always, I would love to hear from you and/or answer any questions you may have!!

    Thanks for stopping by! Audra

    Almost forgot...I purchased this(click HERE) Mickey Mouse themed photo props and kept them in a small tin bucket by where we were taking pictures. The kiddos and adults got a kick out of them and help to aid in smiles for the pictures!