Thursday, August 24, 2017

transitional cutoff shorts outfit

Cutoff shorts are tricky as a mom in my 30s. I've been called a conservative dresser, and maybe I do tend to lean that way. However, occasionally I enjoy breaking out a pair of classic, all American denim shorts. To make them feel more like me....I like to pair them with more polished pieces. Denim cutoff shorts and a blazer go so nicely together!! The mix helps balance out the look for a more sophisticated take on cutoff shorts. Plus, adding a blazer is a great way to transition those shorts into cooler temps! 

My mini loves to wear dresses....sometimes 3 or 4 different ones a day!! SO MUCH LAUNDRY! She definitely likes to dress more girly than I do. Simple cotton ones are our favorite for everyday from Carters and H&M. Its so fun seeing her own unique style develop!!
Thanks so much for stopping by. Audra

Linking same and similar items to recreate this look.

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