Friday, March 15, 2019

my swim essentials

my swim essentials, swimwear rashgaurd
When in it comes to swimwear of course I want to look nice, but function and sun protection are critical for me. I need to protect my skin from the sun as much as possible because of my struggles with skin cancer. Also, I love to water ski, tube and have fun with my kiddos in the water. I don't want to be worried about a nip slip or showing more than I am comfortable with!! 

  • Panama Hat -
    • packable. adjustable. UPF50. This is a amazing hat! Under $20!!!!!
  • Sunscreen -
    • This has been my fav sunscreen for the last several years. It has a nice scent and absorbs quickly into the skin like a lotion. No greasy feeling. 
  • Lippie -
    • Great for a little color with sunscreen.
  • Sunless Tanner -
    • I'm always trying new sunless tanners from all price points. This one gave nice color and faded the best of any self tanner I've tried! BUT I usually always circle back round to THIS one.
  • UPF50 cover up -
    • I have had a similar version for years! It's lightweight, quick drying, doesn't wrinkle and takes up virtually no room in a suitcase or beach bag.
  • Rashgaurd - or
    • Old Navy, Gap, and Athleta are were all my rash guards are from. I like one with a bit of a higher neck for more sun protection. Athleta has the most sizing options and I had a similar version to for years. 
  • Swim Top -
    • I like a swim top that fits my active needs. Usually a higher neck or more sports bra type feel.
  • High Waisted Swim Bottoms -
    • High waisted everything! Swim bottoms are no different, they are just more practical and  flattering to my mom bod!
  • Strappy Sandals -
    • These sandals are awesome! I bought them last year to wear on our boat to go to the lake after years of wearing dollar flip flops.
  • Floating Phone Case -
    • These are great if your clumsy like me! OR a non floating version -
When it comes to my beach bag and sunnies....

  • Beach Bag
    • To be completely honest I have had the same beach bag for 2-3 years and its from Walmart. I should call mine a "boat bag" because I live in the midwest and thats means going to the lake for fun rather than the beach!! 
  • Sunnies
    • I dream of a day I can be trusted with expensive sunglasses BUT....
    • I can't be trusted with expensive sunglasses!! Mine are usually from Walmart, TJMaxx, or Amazon. and I try to keep the price under $10....sometimes $20 if I am really splurging!! LOL

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Audra

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