Sunday, January 10, 2016

mom on duty style: sneakers. black blazer. flannel. striped t-shirt. black skinny jeans. black bag

I call this look "mom on duty style", see I what did there...ha, ha like "model off duty style"?!? You can find many posts on Pinterest dedicated to the model off duty look. It's one of my favorite looks because it usually involves mixing pieces you wouldn't normally think about putting together. Like a blazer and fur scarf with sneakers. Also, the footwear choices are usually sensible like tennis shoes or flat booties, something any mom can appreciate! This is a pulled together look you can probably recreate with things that are already in your closet. Another key thing to note about this look is that is usually done in a monochromatic color scheme. Which is another reason why this mom on duty style is so AMAZING, because you don't even have to worry about matching or putting together different colors.

Thanks for being here! Audra

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  1. I love the checks and stripes! Great combination.