Saturday, January 9, 2016

neutral outfit: distressed flare jeans. white button up. brown cardigan. paisley scarf. cowboy boots

It seems anytime I pull out my camera to take pictures the wind starts blowing!! I love this look so much! I am so excited flare jeans and 70s vibes are coming back around. I am a country girl and grew up on a farm. I used to get teased for wearing cowboy boots to school. Weird, since I grew up in a rural, farming community. Doc Martens were all the rage and it was before you could purchase cowboy boots at the Buckle...or pretty much anyplace else nowadays. I am not into the "rhinestone cowboy" look that you see so much of right now. I much prefer this classic, understated look.

Everything I am wearing is vintage (sounds so much nicer than old!), except for my cardigan. Its new from Old Navy.

Thanks for being here. Audra

...and yes those are gratuitous pictures of my pony in the background, Frosty! She has been my life since I was five. The dog is miniature dachshund named Penny Lane, "Almost Famous" is one of my favorite movies. Seems fitting for this look.

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