Wednesday, April 20, 2016

cowboy boots outfit. boyfriend jeans. 3 simple ways

When the weather warms it makes me think of country concerts and local fairs! Fun times! At these events there seems to be an unspoken dress code that has developed among the ladies that consists of sun dresses and boots or shorts and boots...well, at least around the area I live! I'm all for dressing in whatever way that makes you feel good about yourself, HOWEVER, I've never been a fan of being the 15th girl in line for an ice cold bud in pretty much the exact same thing all 14 girls ahead of me have on! So, trying something a little different here by pairing my favorite cowboy boots with some boyfriend jeans. Now, these jeans I have sized down a couple sizes so they fit pretty slim or more like girlfriend jeans. The key being it is probably not going to be the best look with really baggy boyfriend jeans. I've paired my jeans with a white button down and a white tank. The sheer, white cotton shirt (to me) is just as cool as the tank, but reads a little classier. Plus, the sleeves could easily be rolled up. I love it when tied at the waist, and you don't have to mess with tucking it in. Please note there are pics both tucked and tied, and the tied is so much more flattering to the waist line! If your more of a tank top kind of girl in the summer, try one with some detail like lace. I've added a olive vest to give a little more interest, and all those pockets you might even be able to go without your bag if you were so inclined!

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