Sunday, April 17, 2016

pencil skirt casual: grey tee. jean jacket. pencil skirt. slip on sneakers.

I'm a jeans kinda girl the majority of the time, but sometimes I get bored with my jeans (rarely) momiform! So mixing it up with a pencil skirt and slip on sneakers. I love how even though it was a little bit windy (like a wind tunnel!) the pencil skit stayed in place and no Marilyn moments took place! My grey tee and jean jacket around the waist add to the casual vibe. My simple, black hat is from Walmart and is a essential in my wardrobe, and at less than three bucks it should be in yours as well! Slip on sneakers are my favorite for the summer. I prefer them over sandals most of time because they are super comfortable and you don't have to worry about polishing your toes.  They are from Amazon and only $21, Click here for shoes. Everything else in my outfit is old so linking similar items below, but you might have most of these pieces already in your closet! 
Thanks for stopping by. Audra

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