Friday, April 8, 2016

date night outfit. black blazer. raw hem jeans. fringe booties.

I almost enjoy picking out my date night outfit as much as date night itself...almost! Its so fun to wear heals or something that would never work with the way my toddler thinks I'm her personal jungle gym! That being said, I still want to be comfortable, and that usually means jeans to me...add a lace cami, a blazer, fun pumps, and boom instant classy look with a little something for the hubby! The blazer can easily be removed to reveal the lace cami and a little more skin, but this rarely happens in my case because I am always freezing in whatever restaurant we go to.  Similiar items linked below.
my jeans are a simple DIY on a old pair of straight leg jeans  click here for tutorial 
My shoes here> fringe booties - super inexpensive!!

Thanks for stopping by. Audra

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