Friday, April 8, 2016

fashioned for living's fab finds - most under 30 bucks!

When I see someone post this shirt is on sale for under $50 or these jeans are on sale for under $100...I think, WOW, that's still pretty expensive for my budget or the budget of most folks I know. So, I get pretty excited to find trendy, designer like pieces at my kind of prices!! All of the above items are from JCPenny, not just for your grandma and mom anymore! I am really loving what I'm seeing lately!

I say under $30, but thats really even less if you use a coupon or your store card...more like under $23!!! Crazy, right!?!The two raw hem items have expensive designer like details that normally would cost in upwards of $200!! This kind of savings equals a whole, bottoms, and shoes for under $100. Now that's more like it!

Happy shopping! Audra

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