Sunday, May 29, 2016

high waisted denim shorts. long duster cardigan. white tee. panama hat.

The length of these shorts are on the verge of being too short for my comfort, but I just dig the way they look and all of the styling possibilities. To make them feel more wearable to me I paired them with a long, very lightweight cardigan and and a oversized tee. I tend to lean towards the rule of thumb if wearing shorts wear a more conservative top. This outfit would also look cute with cowboy boots or booties or well just about any kind of footwear! 

Linking exact pieces to my outfit besides my hat (Walmart-current) and tee (JCPenny-old).
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Friday, May 27, 2016

maxi dress and cowboy boots outfit with military vest and fringe bag

T-shirt dresses can be tricky! The lightweight material tends to highlight the lumps and bumps most ladies would assume not to....for me it's my tummy. A maxi dress can make me look a few months prego in a hurry and since I'm not I try to avoid looking so. I have found wearing a dark color really helps and layering something over the dress such a vest. I love how knotting one side shows off my boots.  The olive military vest is fantastic over the maxi, but a denim vest would also be super cute.

outfit details
maxi dress - Target - old
vest - JCPenny - old
cowboy boots - Tony Lama - old
bag - Rebecca Minkoff - new

linking similar items below

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

t-shirt and shorts outfit. chambray shorts. t-shirt. booties. fringe bag

Wearing my favorite shorts again! I just love the look of chambray shorts because to me they are a little dressier than regular denim shorts and they go with absolutely everything(have I said that before??)! This was one of my favorite outfits last summer and sure it will be again this summer as well! I think I mentioned on Instagram I am not a huge sandals person...its not that I don't like them or wear sandals here and there, I just usually prefer a shoe with a little more substance because I never know the terrain I might find myself in! gravel! I also think its an easy way to elevate an outfit by avoiding what you might think as typical footwear to pair with shorts. Mixing the olive with the hints of mint in the belt and necklace is unexpected, and add interest to the look. The booties and fringe bag give a western vibe that I dig.

outfit details
olive tee - Old Navy - last year
necklace - Factory Connection - old
chambray shorts - Target - Really bummed and sorry they are still sold out online. Might be able to find them in store. Linking similar ones below.
booties - Target - Also, sold out but THESE (click here) are almost identical and under 20 bucks!
fringe bag - Rebecca Minkoff - I just ordered this gem from Amazon for under $120!!...the price has since increased on Amazon to around $200. Bummer, I know! I was really excited to share my find, but before I had even received my bag the price had increased. I am planning a post all about it soon!

As always, the link images sometimes appear in different colors than what are in my outfit, but are usually available in the correct corresponding color!.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

white boyfriend jeans. black tank. grey and white stripe cardi. flip flops.

The star of this outfit is my yummy grey and white stripe cardi that I recently picked up for 3 BUCKS at Walmart. That's right, I shop the clearance rack at shame in my game! Click here to read more about my clearance finds. I have been wearing it pretty much nonstop since picking it up. I love having lightweight sweaters and cardigans to throw on when I'm making schools runs or hanging around the house. This one is perfect!! I paired it with white boyfriend jeans and a black tank. A super easy to throw on in a hurry, got to get out the door outfit, but still look put together. Adding the pop of turquoise in the necklace and flip flops paired with a straw hat adds to causal spring/summer vibe. 

It even covers the bum!!

outfit details:
necklace - Banana Republic - old
tank - Target - old
white boyfriend jeans - Forever21 - Purchased recently in store, but couldn't find exact pair online.
bag - Kate Spade via TJMaxx - old
flip flops - Gap - old - Same style still available in different colors. 
cardi and hat - Walmart 

 Linking similar items to the pieces to my outfit below.

If you can, run to your nearest Walmart and pick up the cardigan! Can't go wrong at $3!!
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fab finds - walmart - clearance rack

SO, I had been avoiding going to the grocery had been two weeks since my last trip and we were pretty much out of everything. Not sure why I avoid it so. It is usually pretty painless, but nevertheless I seem to put it off. I had given myself a little pep talk that morning, "make it quick, just grab the can do it!", anyone else to this??  BUT, all that be quick business went out the window when I saw this...

Which is where I grabbed my grey and white striped hooded cardi for $3!!!! It is soft, lightweight, and I have been wearing it nonstop!

This yummy sweater was also in a bright blue and pink. Sorry I didn't get better pictures, but my daughter is going through a phase where she likes to yell across the store at people "HI!". When I was taking this picture she scared a lady that was walking by. The lady jumped. True story. So, only got the one pick of this magical 3 buck rack.

Then there was another large rack of all $5 items. My favorite on the rack were these shirt dresses.

...and this shirt.

I also spotted this rack of midi skirts. I really liked the chambray one. 

This week when you're avoiding going to the grocery store...just think of what may await you on clearance for a few bucks at Walmart!!

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Friday, May 20, 2016

fab finds - jcrew inspired outfit dupes. utility jacket. white midi skirt. t-shirt. sneakers

I was looking at bags on JCrew's website and came across this outfit. It was love at first site and only furthered my current obsession with all things olive green. At around 300 bucks for the entire look I set out to find some less expensive alternatives! I searched three of my favorite stores and was not disappointed. So the JCrew skirt is pretty fabulous with it's texture and pockets, though I didn't find any with pockets(rats) I did find some options with cute details... and from one store (Old Navy) the entire outfit for less than the price of the JCrew skirt!! The high neck muscle tee and utility jacket (in my opinion) were easier to find alternatives for in a much lower price range. You could easily save on the other items and splurge a bit on the skirt...which I might still do! Look for this outfit coming soon!

The items linked may be showing in different colors than pictured above, but if you follow the link the correct color should be available. Thanks for stopping by. Audra

Thursday, May 19, 2016

black and white skirt. denim shirt dress as a jacket. black t-shirt.

I am always trying to find new and fresh ways to wear items already in my closet. I've had my eye on a denim trench for awhile, but have yet to buy it for one reason or another...I already have so many jackets! On the other hand, I have had this denim shirt dress for three years (I think, maybe 4)and, its been a favorite of mine. So loving finding a new purpose for a tried and true favorite as a jacket for spring days and cool summer nights. My skirt (click here) I picked up a month or so at Target, which is one of my favorite places to purchase pencil skirts usually in the Merona line. The black t-shirt (click here) is also from Target, and is one of the best tees I've owned. It has a bit of sheen to it and looks a little dressier than your average tee, plus it washes and dries fabulously! Necklaces are from Walmart this past winter and my shoes are old.

I've linked some similar items, along with my exact skirt and tee. Thanks for stopping by. Audra

Thursday, May 5, 2016

tunic top and flare jeans

I feel like I'm channeling my inner Rachel Zoe here. Oversized sunnies, flare jeans, and long tunic tops are pretty much her signature look. My jeans are McGuire Denim Majorelle Flares with an undone or raw hem and I LOVE them!! I am a bargain shopper but after trying these on at an Evereve I knew they had to be mine. I got them on sale (of course), so that helped a bit. These jeans don't disappoint and are worth every penny. I really wanted a pair of flares that completely covered my (size 10) shoes, and I have yet to find a pair of less expensive flares that can do this. My tunic top is from JCrew Factory clearance rack. I think it might have been intended as a swim cover up, which it would be great for, but I really like it as I'm wearing it here. Sunnies were my grandma's from the 70s. Bag is a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac in navy blue with silver hardware. I really wanted navy because it goes with everything, and I picked this bag because of its versatility in wearing options...crossbody, shoulder, or clutch. Thanks for stopping by. Audra

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