Friday, May 20, 2016

fab finds - jcrew inspired outfit dupes. utility jacket. white midi skirt. t-shirt. sneakers

I was looking at bags on JCrew's website and came across this outfit. It was love at first site and only furthered my current obsession with all things olive green. At around 300 bucks for the entire look I set out to find some less expensive alternatives! I searched three of my favorite stores and was not disappointed. So the JCrew skirt is pretty fabulous with it's texture and pockets, though I didn't find any with pockets(rats) I did find some options with cute details... and from one store (Old Navy) the entire outfit for less than the price of the JCrew skirt!! The high neck muscle tee and utility jacket (in my opinion) were easier to find alternatives for in a much lower price range. You could easily save on the other items and splurge a bit on the skirt...which I might still do! Look for this outfit coming soon!

The items linked may be showing in different colors than pictured above, but if you follow the link the correct color should be available. Thanks for stopping by. Audra

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