Monday, May 23, 2016

fab finds - walmart - clearance rack

SO, I had been avoiding going to the grocery had been two weeks since my last trip and we were pretty much out of everything. Not sure why I avoid it so. It is usually pretty painless, but nevertheless I seem to put it off. I had given myself a little pep talk that morning, "make it quick, just grab the can do it!", anyone else to this??  BUT, all that be quick business went out the window when I saw this...

Which is where I grabbed my grey and white striped hooded cardi for $3!!!! It is soft, lightweight, and I have been wearing it nonstop!

This yummy sweater was also in a bright blue and pink. Sorry I didn't get better pictures, but my daughter is going through a phase where she likes to yell across the store at people "HI!". When I was taking this picture she scared a lady that was walking by. The lady jumped. True story. So, only got the one pick of this magical 3 buck rack.

Then there was another large rack of all $5 items. My favorite on the rack were these shirt dresses.

...and this shirt.

I also spotted this rack of midi skirts. I really liked the chambray one. 

This week when you're avoiding going to the grocery store...just think of what may await you on clearance for a few bucks at Walmart!!

Thanks for stopping by. Audra

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