Wednesday, March 8, 2017

stripe midi dress with denim jacket and fur vest. mommy and me outfit.

I get probably a little too excited when I shop and see so many midi dress options!! Where have you been all my life?!! I've been accused of dressing too conservatively, but I like to think its classy and more chic to not show the girls and lady bits all the time!! haha! I mean when I bend over to pick up my daughter I prefer for my assets to remain covered if at all possible!! I honestly think a fitted midi dress it sexier and more figure flattering than a mini skirt. Plus, what cellulite. The denim jacket has long be a go two with a dress, but trying adding a fur vest and buttoning for a fresh chic twist to this tried and true classic. I've paired my dress with over the knee boots which not only keep your legs warm but also hide winter stems. My daughter loves anything pink, purple, and/or sparkly at the moment so it's all about compromise these days if I want to match her. We settled on a black and white striped top paired with her favorite pink rain boots and puffer vest.
 Outfit details below. Thanks for stopping by. Audra

outfit details
fur vest - Target - similar here
denim jacket - Old Navy - here
squash blossom necklace - Buckle - similar here
stripe midi dress - Old Navy - similar here or here
over the knee boots - JCPemny - similar here

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