Sunday, December 13, 2015

Quick and Simple Christmas Party Favor for Kiddos

The following is a quick and simple Christmas Party favor idea that I came up with for my son's kindergarten Christmas party. 

Here's the breakdown of what I used...
  • The Christmas Story book for $2.86 a piece - Amazon
  • Giftbags 5 for $3 - Big Lots
  • Tissue 36 sheets for $2 - Big Lots
  • Cheveron Duck Tape 15ft for $1 - Dollar Tree (Squeal, yes! going back for more)
  • Red Snowflake Ornaments 20 for $2.98 - Wal-Mart
  • Red and Silver Raffia Ribbon for $2.98 - Wal-Mart

I love to give books as gifts, and after debating on some other ideas I found The Christmas Story on Amazon Prime for less than $3 a per book. Tis' the reason for the season! My son attends a school that this religious book will be completely acceptable to give to the kiddos, but I also saw Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer if this is a concern. 

Now the FUN part. Wrapping! Making the outside look just as special as what is on the inside. 

I used the tape to make a stripe on the front of the bag. 

Cutting the tape just slightly longer than the width and folding over the edge.

I like to knock out each step before I move on to the next.
 Using a red marker write each child's name on the front on the chevron tape. 

Now the ornament decoration...

The ornaments come with a tiny little string to hang with. 
I wanted something a little nicer. So, I cut the string off and added a ribbon.

Make a simple knot. 

Using a small piece of clear tape, affix the ornament ribbon to the inside of the gift bag.

I included this inscription in each book. (Yes, my handwriting is not the greatest!)
Almost done!!

I used one sheet of white tissue to cover the top of each bag, and one colorful sheet for the top.

Final Thoughts.
My son's class is small at 14. I wanted to give a memorable gift and, something that will last.

Best wishes. Audra

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