Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Review: Madewell Zip Transport Tote - The Transport Satchel

My new love. The Madewell Zip Transport Tote. I have carried this leather bag for around a month now and I am really enjoying it. Mine is in the dark cabernet color, but english saddle (light tan) and true black are also available. I just love cabernet color and it goes with everything. I chose to have my initials added with the blind imprint. Silver or gold foil are also options.

This bag comes with two small top handles. I wish these were a bit longer. 
I can put it in the crook of my arm if necessary, but its a little snug. 
The top handles are too small to wear on your shoulder. 

My favorite part and a mommy must for me is the crossbody strap! I wear the bag this way the majority of the time. The crossybody strap has an adjustable wider piece of leather which does make the bag more comfortable when wearing for extended amounts of time. 

The brass hardware is gorgeous and seems to be very durable.

The bottom of the bag is a simple construction with no hardware.
So far it is wearing nicely.

What the inside looks like. Please excuse the lint. The side zip pocket is deep and usually holds snacks. I keep my sunglasses and phone in the two slip pockets along with pens, and chapstick. In the morning, I usually slip my cereal/protein bar in behind my phone on the way out the door.


This bag holds a lot!

What I keep in my Madewell Zip Transport Tote. 
Missing from this picture are my sunglasses and a small snack container which both easily fit as well.

Final Thoughts:
I have found for my mommy needs in a bag a crossbody option is a must, top zip to hide my mess, durable material, and a reasonable price. I chose this bag because it met all of those wishes in a classic, understated, and stylish way that doesn't scream diaper bag.  The leather of bag is wearing nicely and has continued to soften over time.

The nearest Madewell store to me is over an hour away SO I scoured the internet looking for reviews of this bag before purchasing online. I really didn't find much, other than whats on the Madewell website. The bag took two weeks to receive. I read several reviews that stated an issue of color transfer from the bag. I have not had this problem. The bag rides in my passenger seat which is a light colored leather with zero color rub off onto the seat, my clothes, or my hands.

If you create a FREE account with Madewell to become a Madewell Insider you will receive free monograming and free standard shipping along with some other benefits.


1) Any color transfer from this bag? I have experienced zero color transfer on my hands, clothes, or car interior. If I spot clean with a wet wipe there will be the faintest amount of pink discoloration on the wipe.
2) Will a laptop fit in the bag? I have a 13" MacBook Pro and it fits. A laptop any bigger will most likely not fit. 

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same style in brown and black

mini version

Thanks so much for stopping by. Audra

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